Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Endless love for jumpsuits

 Necklace: Kendra Scott 

 My love for jumpsuits are totally endless! I am loving this one-piece with a semi baggy trouser imitating a jogger look, making it so classy and chic! When I first saw this little number on the hanger and mannequin, it did not look appealing at all, just a typical jumper, but BCBG sold it to me again. Once I tried it on, I was instantly obsessed! I am also loving the neckline for this jumper, making my statement necklace fall perfectly into place.
By the way I cut my hair short about three weeks ago, it's getting long again but this short hair is really growing on me. Trying something new doesn't hurt. 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. You look great in your jumpsuit dear, it flaunts your body <3

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  2. perfect, very nice :)

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  3. OMG you look so great in that jumpsuit girl!
    xo Ellen from Ask Away

  4. You ar rocking this jumpsuit girl! Love the neckline, so pretty!!!

    <3, Pamela

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  6. You look extraordinary in your jumpsuit dear, it displays your body. much thanks to you to such an extent! you are so sweet!
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