Monday, June 16, 2014

Class of 2014

 Ivory Jumpsuit: ANGL 
Heels: LuLu's

I just graduated this weekend with my Bachelors and I am extremely excited to start the next chapter in my life. Does this mean no more books and finals? whew I hope so. The past four years has been such a wonderful journey and I do not regret any piece of it. I met 4 lovely ladies who are still some of my closest friends today. I fell deeper in love with my high school sweetheart....I don't think I could of done it without them and my family, who have all been my biggest support system. It feels really great to be the very first person in my entire family to graduate from a four year University, an accomplishment that I hope to inspire my little brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews to follow. Congrats class of 2014, we did it!! I forgot to mention, we had the honor of having President Obama speak at our commencement. It was pretty amazing! 

On the day of my graduation, I wore a lovely ivory jumpsuit from ANGL. Its' unique designs and slits on both sides caught my attention and was the perfect look for a special day that signifies my new beginning. I love that it is so eye catching while simplistic. 

"When you want to SUCCEED as bad as you want to BREATHE then you will be SUCCESSFUL"
- Eric Thomas

 Thanks for reading! 


  1. Aw yay!!!!!!! Congratulations girly you rock!!! Now enjoy your time off! You deserve it! :))

    <3 Shannon