Saturday, October 26, 2013


As soon as I checked in the Conde Nast at Time Square, we checked in our coats and got our schedules.I felt so privileged because the building was closed and you can see the Vogue team doing their thang, I can only imagine what wardrobe is hiding under the garment rack. Unlike day 1 of lucky fabb, day 2 consists of break out sessions where we get to choose what workshops we want to attend. My head is full of so many new knowledge, I learned how to quit my day job and become a full time blogger, how to monetize and how to do basic coding. I was also fortunate to listen to Jess Lee from Polyvore speak about her success. It was another day of fabulous! It's so amazing how women are really taking a stand in the business industry and truly inspiring how so many women are following this path. I definitely think that this majority presence of women in the fashion industry in top management is a great change. I am absolutely in love with New York!! I'm extremely grateful to have been invited to this wonderful blogger conference by Lucky Magazine and chasing my dreams. I kept getting stopped by the press for interviews, pictures of my outfit, my shoes, and the endless gifts and gift cards from lucky mag and sponsors...I can go on! Giving this event an A++ for treating their guests like royalty and giving me such a wonderful opportunity! I met amazing and inspiring women who are much older than I am, but so great to see the diversity come into play. I'm just glad that I had someone to share this experience with. Being my first time in New York, I had a very positive and fun approach to each struggle. We were running around time square, having no idea where we were going, taking the wrong subway...but I was not stressed at all. I was embracing my time in New York and saw this as a learning experience. At the end of the day, we got a big gift bag, like yesterday wasn't enough, we got even more today. And honestly it weighed more than me. I will for sure be doing giveaways and future posts soon on them :)

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