Tuesday, July 23, 2013

B&W Colorblock

I am usually a very colorful person in my choice of clothing but lately I've been buying nothing but black and white to expand my wardrobe. They look good with anything and adds a classy touch to any outfit. These Faux colorblock shorts in particular caught my attention because they fit so perfectly and they're high-waist! It was part of my spring kollection but you can definitely wear it during the summer since they are shorts. To finish up my outfit I wore one of my favorite turquoise necklace which is a must when I'm wearing a simple top. I fell in love with these cheetah heels from Forever 21 which can dress up any outfit. You can wear these color block shorts to fit your personal style preference, they are so versatile I can dress it up with different tops, accessories, and heels. How would you wear these shorts?

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